Massage Center


Take advantage of your holidays, enjoy the Magic of Huesca and let yourself be pampered with our massages and treatments. There is a massage for each person at every moment.


It relaxes the body and mind, promotes blood circulation and provides an extra dose of oxygen. It helps to eliminate stress and anxiety, achieving a pleasant feeling of well-being and tranquility.

25 min (local massage) ……...….. 40 € 

50 min (full massage).................... 69 €



Ideal for tired legs or heavy backs. The muscles are relaxed to relieve the tensions caused by lack of rest, excessive physical exercise or bad postures.

25 min (local massage) ……...….. 40 € 

50 min (full massage).................... 69 €


Slow, deep and enveloping massage throughout the body with Petit Grain essential oil. Reduces stress and improves skin irritations due to nervousness spikes. It provides a serene emotional state while hydrating and nourishing our skin. A unique moment of beauty and relaxation. 75€


This is a traditional technique of oriental origin that by means of hot stones favors the flow of energy. Smooth stones of volcanic origin are used that slide through the skin in a relaxing massage. It helps eliminate toxins and facilitates sleep conciliation. It uses the power of minerals to nourish and rebalance; and the magnetic strength of stones to provide energy, revitalize and relax the body. 79€


It is a complete treatment that combines a relaxing lymphatic drainage massage with wood therapy techniques, and ends with a green clay wrap. It starts with gentle pumps that improve blood and lymph circulation to release toxins and reduce fluid retention, and continues with an intense massage with oak and pine wood rollers that achieves reducing, anti-cellulite and toning effects. In addition to activating cell renewal, it reaffirms and shapes the figure. Finish by applying a refreshing green clay body wrap that provides hydration and elasticity to the skin, rremineralizes it and nourishes it with trace elements and mineral salts, providing a feeling of freshness and vitality visible in just one session. 95€


The trendy exotic Hawaiian massage. From the Pacific Ocean we bring this relaxing and therapeutic massage technique. A whole ritual based on the movements of the waves, the technique based on pressure and long movements of the forearms brings harmony and maximum relaxation. Expansive waves are created that are relaxing and invigorating at the muscular level depending on the area to be treated. Finish by applying a refreshing seaweed-infused body wrap that provides hydration and elasticity to the skin, remineralizes it and nourishes it with trace elements and mineral salts. It is ideal for relieving circulation problems in the arms and legs, it regulates digestion and at the respiratory level, the meditative state in which one enters helps to strengthen the lungs. €85

Advance booking is requested at the Hotel Reception, on the phone 974 48 44 40 or by e-mail